Coming soon... The Diamonds website

Work on this website has only just started (27th September) but most of the Newquay 2017 row photos as well as those from the 2016 Newquay event are already available for you to look at in the photos section here. Use the resize icon on the menubar near the top right of the photo to choose the size of the image you want to view.

A note about downloading photos:

You're welcome to download any of the photos and you can use your browser's image saving facilities for this but the image you save will be at the size you have chosen to view. If instead you use the download button on the menu bar, you will find a range of image sizes which you can download.

Please note that the largest available image sizes in this photo gallery are scaled down to 25% of the original photo size so that they will appear quickly and fit into most devices; if you need the full-size originals for printing posters, etc let us know and they will be sent to you on request.

In the pipeline: